Monday, December 16, 2013

Global Youth Summit 2014 - The People Behind the Scene

In every event, there are always a group of people who work tirelessly behind the scene to make it happen.  Today, we start a series of interviews to recognize these unsung heroes as well as to let you know them a little better ....

Name:   Frieda Loh
Role in GYS 2014:   Project Manager

Tell us briefly about your role in organizing GYS 2014
"Basically I’m the point of contact for the people and companies involved in this summit."

What excites your most about GYS 2014?
"Meeting and interacting with the youths and teachers from all over the world who are interested in taking Actions For Earth!"
Has there been any defining moments in your journey so far?
"I was particularly touched by Ms Britt Gow from Hawkesdale P-12 College, Australia. She believes in our mission and worked very hard to find sponsors for her students to attend the summit.  Teachers like her make all the hard work and occasional frustrations worthwhile."
If you can tell the participants one thing about GYS 2014, what would it be?   
"Get ready for a FUN and INTENSIVE experience!"
What is your personal philosophy or approach towards saving the planet?
"Actions speak louder than words"

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