Saturday, January 25, 2014

Actions for Earth: Small steps can change the world

Many people look at Green campaigns as an effort in futility. Why? Simply because they believe that their lone actions cannot possibly be making a difference.

Thankfully this is far from the truth. Let me illustrate why, with the following simple calculation …

Let us assume that each of us adds 10 kg of "waste" to the environment every day.  In a town of 10,000, that works out to 100,000 kg of waste each day. Now let us assume that just 1% of the people in the town change their behaviour just enough to reduce their waste by 10%. Simple mathematics will show that collectively, we will reduce 10 kg of waste per day. Multiply this 10 kg by 365 days and the amount of waste we avoid is not small. 3,650 kg is equivalent to a small landfill.

So if you think your Green actions can only bring out minute changes to the environment,  you are probably right. But you are right only if you do it one time. The fact of the matter is, if you take Green actions continuously, your cumulative actions is making a difference.

So don't be discouraged. Change takes time and, in the mean time, you are making a difference!

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