Friday, February 21, 2014

3 Simple Things Every Singaporean Can Do to Reduce Waste

In Singapore, paper is the most common type of waste. Approximately 1.3 million tons of paper waste is generated annually. The irony is that reducing paper waste is one of the easiest thing to do.
The following are 3 actions for earth you can take to reduce paper waste:
No.1: Don't Print ATM Receipts. There are approximately 1,500 ATMs in Singapore. If only 2 persons per day prints a receipt, we would already end up with over a million receipts printed annually. The sad part is that most people just print the receipt to check the balance before discarding it immediately.
No.2: Sign up for Electronic Bills and Statements. Many of us still receive hard copies of our phone bills, credit card statements and utility bills every month through the mail. Like the ATM receipts, all these envelopes and papers end up in the trash bins after a quick glance. To prevent these paper waste from being created in the first place, opt to receive them electronically. For a start, the following companies offer these services: SingTel, MobileOne, HSBC and Citibank.
No. 3: Reuse Envelopes for Internal Mail or Filing. Instead of discarding envelopes, reuse them for internal mail or for filing. You can simply stick a piece of paper over the old address and you can use it to send papers or documents to another department, or file away documents for future use.
Saving the earth does not require very much extra effort or time. All it takes is for everyone to be slightly more environmentally aware. These three simple actions for earth is something everyone can do to reduce paper waste and make a difference.
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