Monday, February 3, 2014

Simple Actions Anyone Can Take to Save the Planet

Many people think that going green means making huge sacrifices or changes in the way they live their lives. Nothing can be further from the truth. The following are a few simple changes anyone can take to save the planet ...

At Home
Increase the room air conditioner thermostat from 23ºC to 25ºC.
Open the attic windows allowing warm air to escape through the window vents.
Use fans instead of air conditioning in the living room.
Switched off the water dispenser switch as we don't use hot or cold water.
Connect electrical appliances, including my telephone, to one multi-plug with built-in switches onto one wall point. This allows me to control individual appliance not in use.

When Travelling
Wind down the car windows when travelling.
When using the air conditioner in the car, I set it at 25ºC.
For short trips, cycle or walk instead of travelling by car
When Doing Laundry

Use the clothes line to dry my clothes instead of using the electric dryer.
Neatly fold my trousers and keep it overnight under the mattress so that I won’t have to use an iron.
Use the same towel at least 2 times before washing it.
When Using Water

Marked my shower faucet to set it to the required flow.
Reuse, Recycle and Reduce
Have 3 bins to separate plastic, tin and other waste for recycling.
Paper are given to paper recyclers.
Reuse newspapers to cover text books.
Recycle carton boxes into message boards, document folders, and pencil cases.
Sort all plastics, aluminum cans and paper into plastic bags provided by NEA and place these on specified dates outside my house to be collected.

When Eating
Eat meat-less meals twice a week.

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