Sunday, March 23, 2014

Actions for Earth: Why every little bit counts ...

Being an environmentalist can be lonely. Everyday you do your part by taking actions for earth, but it seems that no one else seems to care.

From the simple acts you do like using a cup to brush your teeth, taking public transport to work, using the stairs instead of the elevator and even recycling your own coffee mug, it seems that you are the only one taking actions for earth. Seeing this on a daily basis is enough to make even the most committed of green activists wonder if it is all worth it and whether their actions are making a difference.

Our answer to you is yes it does! Every little action you take, no matter how insignificant it may seem is making a difference. Even if you reduce waste by 100 grams a day, cumulatively in 1 year, you would have saved 36.5 kg of waste. This is not an insignificant amount.

In a population of 4 million people, even if only 1% saves 100 grams a day, the figure works out to close to over 1.4 tonnes of waste. A saving which translates into eliminating the need for landfills equivalent to 5 football fields.

So our point is this. Don't be discouraged when it seems that you are the only one taking actions for earth. Just remember that you are a part of a larger movement and that together, our cumulative actions are making a difference.

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