Saturday, April 8, 2017

Going Green in Singapore - Swapaholic Event

Swapaholic is a clothing & accessory swap that helps de-clutter and refresh your closet; without hurting your wallet and our planet.
swapaholic going green singapore
 It's the perfect solution for you to get rid of items in your closet that no longer fit your shape, taste or lifestyle; and replace them with pieces that are more relevant to the mood you are in. This enables you to prolong the life span of your beloved possessions by finding new owners who will cherish them. And as a feather in your cap, when you swap you save the planet by:
  • no longer discarding good quality items that will end up in landfills where they will harmfully decompose
  • discouraging fast fashion brands from wastefully creating products that exploit human and natural resources
FASHION REVOLUTION and SWAPAHOLIC come together to present to you, the ultimate CLOTHES SWAP event
DATE:  29th April, Saturday
TIME:  4-7 pm
LOCATION: Chijmes, Singapore

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